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This is how Remote Banking works, the alternative to Transfermovil for iOS users

Havana Cuba. — Remote Banking, the app independent and only alternative to carry out banking operations remotely on the devices of the brand Manzana in Cuba, continues adding followers.

Since version 1.0 of the app was released in 2018, its developer, Henry Cruz, has included improvements until its recent version, 2.3.

The application in question works on the same platform Transfermovil and sends USSD commands to the servers of the Cuban Communications Company (ETECSA), which respond according to the operation to be carried out. The user receives the response in the form of SMS, one of the least secure messaging protocols that exist today.

To use Remote Banking, an Internet connection is not necessary; simply register on the ETECSA cellular network. In this way, many Cubans make bank transfers and pay for products and services.

The two permitted applications of this type that operate in Cuba are Transfermovil Y enzone, and neither of them has a version for iOS systems. Last year, ETECSA promised a version of Transfermovil for iPhone, however, it never arrived.

How to use Remote Banking?

To start using the application you need to request a bank account associated with a credit card and another authentication card. With this data at hand, open the application and tap on “Register” after filling in a series of personal data using USSD codes. The device must receive an SMS indicating the coordinates of the password, which is found on the authentication card.

Then the “Authenticate” option is touched, the password is entered and, once the SMS with the message “You have been authenticated in the mobile payment platform” is received, electronic operations can be carried out. Among the most important are “Balance transfer”, “Recharge mobile”, “Recharge” Nauta account”, “Check balance”, “Last operations”, among others.

Mobile Banking also allows you to add operations manually. For example, to authenticate at the Banco Popular de Ahorro (BPA) the USSD code *444*40*01# is used. This option is particularly useful, since if ETECSA includes a new payment mechanism for a service, it would be enough to add it to the application and start using it.

In the “Settings” section you can find options to reinforce security locally (on the device itself), links to social networks and a button to donate balance to the programmer that can be transferred through a bank card, mobile balance , Bitcoin, among others.

In “Management” you can save credit card numbers, Nauta accounts in such a way as to speed up operations.

The Remote Banking application also provides contact information for all Cuban banks.

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