This #9May is prior to the public hearing of Roland Carreño after his deferral

This #9May is prior to the public hearing of Roland Carreño after his deferral

Roland Carreño served one year arbitrarily imprisoned on October 26, 2021 after being accused of the crimes of alleged terrorism and conspiracy

The National College of Journalists (CNP) reported in its social media that for this Monday, May 9, the public hearing of communicator Roland Carreño is scheduled to take place, after 17 months of arbitrary imprisonment.

This hearing was convened in principle for May 2, but it was not carried out due to lack of transfer from the Sebin headquarters to the courts, so it was deferred.

On that date, the lawyer Ana Leonor Acosta, director of the Coalition for Human Rights and Democracy, recalled that Roland Carreño has been “subjected to a process riddled with irregularities” that began at the time of his arrest and have not been corrected. by the judicial bodies.

“Roland Carreño is not being treated as a defendant, but as an enemy,” the lawyer said then, after pointing out that in this case police records were “fabricated” to justify his arrest, and he has not been allowed the right to defense .

For his part, lawyer Joel García, who is also part of the defense, declared that Roland Carreño is a “substitute prisoner” because he was arrested just two days after Leopoldo López, leader of Voluntad Popular and the party he the journalist belongs, flee the country.

Roland Carreño’s hearing will take place after the International Criminal Court (CPI) insisted on advancing with the investigations for alleged crimes against humanity in Venezuela, after the request for postponement introduced by the administration of Nicolás Maduro.

October 26, 2021 marked the one year anniversary of the arrest of the journalist and Voluntad Popular activist Roland Carreño, who is in the custody of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) after being accused by the administration of Nicolás Maduro of being involved in a conspiracy to overthrow him.

Carreño was charged with the alleged crimes of conspiracy, illicit trafficking in weapons of war and ammunition, and financing of terrorism.

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