Camioneros supra Asumendi

Asumendi expressed himself before SUPRA measures: “We lose day by day”

The Single Port and Related Union (SUPRA) will carry out the first shutdown measure for 24 hours in different sectors of the Port of Montevideo. In this framework, Ignacio Asumendi, from the Intergremial de Transporte de Freight explained that this situation implies consequences in the activity of freight transport.

Since 7:00 an assembly is being carried out in the truck scale sector, causing workers to be unable to enter to remove containers. “The Port is stopped at this time,” he assured Telemundo.

Faced with measures that they do not consider completely clear, the trucks will go to the Port to wait if the situation is resolved.

Asumendi explained that due to the mobilizations of last Friday, some truckers had up to 15 hours of waiting to be able to load the containers. As the conflict spreads, the import and export container removal system collapses.

The president of the Montecon workers’ union, Martín García, reported that the 72-hour strike has been approved. This being a measure that will be taken if there is no progress in the negotiation, greatly affecting the country, due to the great demand presented by the Port. In turn, all the downtime generates an additional cost for the cargo companies.

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