Thirteen international missions will monitor the elections in Bogotá

Thirteen international missions will monitor the elections in Bogotá

The mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, and the District Government Secretary, Felipe Jiménez Ángel, welcomed the 13 international missions that will monitor the election day on Sunday, May 29 in the city, and opened the doors of the Command, Control, Communications and Computing Center (C4), as well as the District Unified Command Post (PMU) to facilitate their work.

“We welcome these citizens from various countries, from international organizations that with great generosity they have come to accompany the Colombian electoral process in this first presidential round”, assured the mayor Claudia López.

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The official reiterated her gratitude to the international observers for the work they carry out in favor of Colombian democracy. “As a Colombian, as a citizen and today as mayor of Bogotá, I thank you for your work” and added that, “it is our citizen and institutional commitment from the Mayor’s Office that this electoral contest be transmitted in a peaceful manner, and that is what they have come to support us; To watch that the process be fully constitutional, with all the guarantees citizens,” he said.

The District informed them that The PMUs of the 20 locations of Bogotá are already activefrom where the activity is being monitored on pre-electoral days and any irregularity will be reported and addressed during the presidential elections.

The international observation missions that come from 22 different countries are the following:

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  • Catalan Taula (four observers).
  • European Left Party Delegation (four observers).
  • Lazos de Dignidad Delegation (six observers).
  • Interparliamentary Delegation for Peace (seven observers).
  • Union Central Delegation of the Americas (ten observers).
  • Electoral Observatory Delegation of the permanent conference of Latin American and Caribbean parties (44 observers).
  • OAS (an observer).
  • Embassy of Dominican Republic (an observer).
  • Embassy of Italy (an observer).
  • Embassy of Japan (an observer).
  • Embassy of Poland (an observer).
  • The MOE confirmed 20 observers international of the European Union.

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