Thin and pale, this is how the Ortega regime shows defender María Oviedo

Thin and pale, this is how the Ortega regime shows defender María Oviedo

For the third consecutive day, the administration of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo continues to exhibit political prisoners in the Central Judicial Complex of Managua. This Thursday, September 1, the human rights defender, María del Socorro Oviedo, who looks physically impaired, was taken to court.

The hostage of the dictatorship has been locked up for more than a year in the Evaristo Vásquez Police Complex, better known as “El Nuevo Chipote”, where she is subjected to torture, constant interrogations, poor nutrition and inhumane treatment, according to complaints from her relatives.

María Oviedo looks slimmer, with dark circles under her eyes and a lighter skin color. Her relatives have repeatedly denounced that the lawyer has lost a lot of weight due to poor nutrition in prison.

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The defender of political prisoners was kidnapped on the night of July 29 at her mother’s house in the municipality of León. The lawyer Baltasar Arévalo, partner of the detainee, at that moment pointed out to Article 66 that several officers appeared accompanied by the chief of the Police of the Leonese city, the sanctioned commissioner Fidel Domínguez and she was detained without giving any explanation.

In the time he has been in prison, Oviedo has only been authorized ten visits from his relatives, who have been “monitored” by police officers at all times.

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