They will take inventory of seized vehicle parts and accessories

They will take inventory of seized vehicle parts and accessories

The National Police will carry out an inventory of the thousands of pieces and accessories recovered during an intervention carried out in a clandestine premises located on Ernesto Gómez street, between María Montez and Moca, in the sector Villa Juana, National Districtreported this Thursday the National Police.

According to a press release, after the accessories have been accounted for and classified, they will be returned to the victims of theft.

The information was provided by the entity’s spokesperson, Diego Pesqueiraalong with Cecilia González, in charge of the Department of Investigation of Crimes and Offenses against Property (theft), who will be in charge of carrying out the aforementioned inventory.

“It is impossible for a citizen to get here and start rummaging through this immense amount of accessories. That is to say, we are reporting that prior to making the return, in a coordinated manner by the authorities of the Public Ministry, it is necessary to carry out an inventory to quantify the number of pieces that have been recovered “Pesqueira specified.

He pointed out that the operations and interventions will continue throughout the national territory, with the purpose of responding to the Dominican population.

Likewise, he warned the antisocials who dedicate themselves to stealing these vehicle accessories, that, from the National Policeheaded by Eduardo Alberto Then, will not rest until this crime is eradicated.

The institution intervened for the second time the sector of Villa Juanaspecifically in a store on Ernesto Gómez street, located between María Montez and Moca, where he was able to recover stolen vehicle parts and accessories.

In both operations, thousands of rear-view mirrors were recovered from vehicles with and without hoods of different colors and brands, as well as glass, mirror caps, fouling covers, grills, center rings, logos, covers and lenses, among others.

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