They will pay tribute to the executed of Soca

They will pay tribute to the executed of Soca


On December 20, 1974, near the intersection of Routes 9 and 70 near the town of Soca (Canelones), five members of the National Liberation Movement-Tupamaros were murdered.

Floreal García Larrosa, Héctor Daniel Brum, Graciela Marta Estefanel, María de los Ángeles Corbo de Brum (who was six months pregnant) and Mirtha Yolanda Hernández, had been kidnapped in the city of Buenos Aires, on November 8, 1974 and clandestinely transferred to Uruguay, where they were tortured in the framework of the State terrorist operations of the Plan Cóndor, of anti-subversive coordination of the dictatorships of the Southern Cone.

In the kidnapping, Amaral, the young son of the marriage of Floreal García and Mirta Hernández, disappeared and was appropriated by a family linked to the Argentine police.

Since 2013, Route 70 has been renamed Camino de Los Fusilados.

Every year, the association of former political prisoners of Uruguay, Crysol, pays tribute to the victims of State terrorism.

For next Saturday, Crysol has made transportation available that will depart from its headquarters in Joaquín Requena 1533, at 9.00 am.

The site of the shooting is marked 300 meters from km 75 of Route 9 by a memorial consisting of the fold of five concrete strips that commemorate the five victims. When these girdles are folded, different scenarios are generated from the functional and formal point of view.

The intermediate folds take the form of benches, creating a space for reflection and rest. The folds at the level of the street allow the intervention to be perceived from the vehicular speed, inviting to stop and participate. The descending folds serve as storm drainage, also rescuing the historical scene of the event. Each strip rises materializing the memory of each one of those shot. The proposal invites you to develop a sense of belonging and identification with recent history.


Chela Fontora, a former political prisoner belonging to Crysol, recalled that the fight has not yet been lauded in Justice.

“Even though we know that they were shot in 1974, justice has still not been served. They were arrested in Argentina. Why? We want to know that. They were social fighters, students, people who wanted a better world with a future utopia. For wanting a better world, they were tortured and murdered ”, he has expressed.

For his part, Uruguay Francisco García, Floreal’s brother, recalled the sadness of those days. “They were kidnapped and the family paid a high price, very hard. Floreal worked in a textile factory and was a Pan American Boxing Champion, a little “Maracana”, but he was known. In the sixties it was difficult to live here, a lot of poverty, the youth rebelled against it. He appeared on December 20, I heard him on the radio, in the afternoon at 18:30 ”, he said.

Regarding the disappearance of his nephew, Uruguay said: “We spent 11 years looking for his son. It was found in September of ’85 in Formosa, Argentina, thanks to the help of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo and Senator José Germán Araújo. We are still waiting for Justice ”.

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