They will pay tribute to Panamanian singer-songwriters

The Ministry of Culture (MiCultura) joins the tribute paid to him by the singer-songwriter Yigo Sugasti and the composer and guitarist Sergio Cortés, the composer and record producer Rodrigo Escobar Tamayo, and the decimero singer Antonio “Toñito” Vargas Acosta.

With the song “No puedo dejarte de Amarte”, in a new version, adorned with orchestral strings, horn and double bass, a composition by Tamayo, which was performed by “Toñito”, in its first version, it becomes the new record single for these two artists who had their beginnings in the Rock genre.

With this release, Sugasti continues to develop the project: “For a few more chords”, with which he returns to music production and publication in 2022, an adventure that he has been carrying out with fellow musicians from Panama and Latin America.

Sergio Cortés is one of the great composers of popular Panamanian accordion music, his songs have transcended generations. The other artistic side of him is that of being a guitarist accompanying the great troubadours of our mejoranera scene, he is nicknamed “Dedos de oro” and was introduced to the world of the tenth by “Tonito” Vargas. Yigo Sugasti, a singer-songwriter from the capital, began his career with the band “Peso Neto” and is the son of Mr. Tamayo, his first mentor. He is Director of the Tocando Madera Foundation, cultural manager and music producer.

This heartfelt musical tribute will be released on all digital platforms worldwide on August 4, 2023.

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