In Lara they denounced the economic blockade against Venezuela

The governor of the state of Lara (Barquisimeto) V/A Adolfo Pereira marched this Wednesday, July 19, together with militants and sympathizers of the revolutionary forces, doing so this time from the Crespo municipality (Duaca).

From the Freitez parish, Pereira in the company of Duaqueño mayor Julio Garcés publicly ratified their loyalty to President Nicolás Maduro as leader of the Bolivarian Revolution and his current government management.

And on the other hand, they also denounced each of the coercive measures and the economic blockade that today affects the Venezuelan people, for which reason they rejected its incidence to the detriment of the entire Venezuelan population.

The march traveled approximately 650 meters along 6th avenue in the capital of Crespa, Duaca, with the participation of members of the State and Municipal Political Team of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), as well as the 36 heads of the Hugo Chávez Battle Units (Ubch), community leaders, street chiefs, the Jpsuv and inhabitants.

Among the marchers, motorized organizations and students from the different public university headquarters established in the Crespo municipality stood out and who raised slogans in defense of the Bolivarian process.

Councilwoman Ángela Rojas affirmed: “When it comes to defending their citizen rights won in the Revolution, the people do not care that it is a weekday, the people are committed, they know where we are going and we know that we have to continue with the Revolution and continue with Nicolás Maduro.”

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