They will give facilities to entrepreneurs graduated from Infotep

They will give facilities to entrepreneurs graduated from Infotep

A “Plan for the Development of Entrepreneurs” so that term participants or graduates of the National Institute of Professional Technical Training (Infotep), manage to start and formalize their own businesses, with the support of Distribuidora Corripio (DC) and the National Council for the Promotion and Support of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Promipyme).

The activity was led by Rafael Santos Badía, general director of the Infotep; Manuel Corripio Alonso, president of the Corripio Group; and Porfirio Peralta, director of Promipyme.

Santos Badía explained that the program establishes the selection of eight candidates, every three or six months, trained in the areas of technician in refrigeration, electronics, audio and video, who will complete a three-stage program with DC, where they will be hired, first as interns and temporary workers with remuneration and finally a contract as independent or equal, with guaranteed work for one year.

“Of the candidates who meet the technical preparation requirements, those selected will enter an internship program, where they will be in training for three months, with field work and will receive a fixed remuneration, while receiving 80-hour training in entrepreneurship. , by the Infotepwhile Promipyme will contribute the credits for the equipment and tools of each technician”, he stated.

While Manuel Corripio Alonso motivated the candidates to make an effort and excel in the work they have decided to do, until they forge their own companies.

“That process of entrepreneurship, of having a company happens, but the person has to go through a path, which is academic preparation, training in a task, training and then making the leap to having their own company, which is the path natural for personal growth and development of the country, because the ideal stage for each person is to be their own manager, their own boss, developing their own business, this is a progress plan that we are starting here”, said Corripio Alonso.

On his side, Porfirio Peralta welcomed the initiative, highlighting the importance given to young people of both sexes to be able to start as entrepreneursfor which he said that Promipyme will provide the necessary credits so that they can equip themselves with the necessary tools to start their own businesses.

They indicated that, after the first three months, they will become temporary workers with a salary of 21,000 pesos and after nine to 12 months, they will be able to start their venture as contractors for the company Distribuidora Corripio, which is committed to supplying jobs that They will guarantee income between 60,000 and 250,000 pesos per month.

The initiative arises from the need for Distribuidora Corripio to expand its network of suppliers, in order to serve its customers as soon as possible at the time of the installation of their appliances or maintenance that is required, they specified.

The activity was attended by Maira Morla, deputy director of the Infotep; Juan Matos, director of the Metropolitan Region; and part of the institution’s management team. While for Distribuidora Corripio were John Monroy, Lorenzo García, Nikauly Martínez, Lorenzo Lantigua, Mayra Cruz, Vilgady Paulino, Osvaldo Rosario and Isis Abreu.

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