They will develop the second cohort of the Diploma on unilateral coercive measures

They will develop the second cohort of the Diploma on unilateral coercive measures

The Venezuelan Anti-Blockade Observatory will begin on Wednesday, February 1, the second cohort of the diploma in unilateral coercive measuresin the Auditorium of the Management of the School of the Magistracy.

This activity is carried out as part of the approach to publicize the effects of the measures on the people, as reported by the Vice Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies of the Ministry of People’s Power for Economy, Finance and Commerce, William Castilloon your Twitter account @planwac

The Diploma has as its central objective, the exhaustive study, from the perspective of international laws, the illegal and tremendously pernicious nature of coercive measures, aimed at causing harm to the populations of the sanctioned countries, always being in the background, the search for the destabilization of governments that are not related to the countries that impose such measures, almost always led by the United States.

Another angle of coercive measures that is addressed in the diploma program is the historical evolution of this mechanism of coercion and international blackmail, as well as the identification and improvement of the strategies and processes developed by the Government and the Venezuelan people, to face this reality, in order to mitigate, reduce and finally reverse its adverse effects.

This academic program is sponsored by the Vice Ministry of Anti-Blockade Policies of the Ministry of Popular Power for Finance —through the Venezuelan Anti-Blockade Observatory—, together with the Bolivarian University of Venezuela and the Miranda International Center.

Source: International Center for Productive Investment


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