Keep up the euphoria!  Success in the auction of a Messi shirt

Keep up the euphoria! Success in the auction of a Messi shirt

A shirt autographed by the Argentine Leo Messi, which was given to the actress and television presenter Mirtha Legrand a month and a half after the world title, raised 11 million pesos (54,000 euros) on Tuesday at a charity gala in favor of a children’s Hospital.

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According to what spokespersons for the organizing foundation told EFE, the auction closed at 02:00 local time (05:00 GMT) in favor of the pharmaceutical company Norgreen, based in the Mar del Plata industrial park, in the province of Buenos Aires. .

The auction of the shirt, which began with a base of 500,000 pesos (2,500), was held at the XXIII FUNDAMI Solidarity Gala Dinner for the benefit of the Victorio Tetamanti Maternal and Child Hospital, in the city of Mar del Plata, some 400 kilometers from the Argentine capital.

Leo’s mother, mediator

The initiative for the auction came from Legrand, 95, honorary godmother of the foundation, who told the media that she received the shirt after talking with Messi’s mother, Celia Cuccittini, an admirer of the Argentine diva.

The auction showed that the Argentines hold the collective joy of having won the Qatar 2022 World Cup on December 18 and the love and admiration they profess for Messi.

The figures of the gala

Legrand was present at the gala that brought together some 250 people, who paid between 30,000 to 50,000 pesos (150 to 250 euros) to attend, according to the organizers.

At the traditional charity gala, a hat from the collection of singer Abel Pintos, signed, was also auctioned for 200,000 pesos (990 euros), and a trip to Europe was raffled.

What was collected at the gala (151.00 euros) will go to the rehabilitation of the mothers’ residence and the kinesiology and occupational therapy area of ​​the hospital.

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