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They were looking for him in Nariño and he fell in La Guajira, an Ecuadorian police officer accused of killing his wife

They were looking for him in Nariño and he fell in La Guajira, an Ecuadorian police officer accused of killing his wife

In Colombia, the Ecuadorian police officer accused of killing his wife, lawyer María Belén, was captured, a case that outraged the neighboring country.

Colombian News.

The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that this year’s end, they captured Germán Fernando Cáceres del Salto, the Ecuadorian policeman wanted in his country for the femicide of his wife, lawyer María Belén.

When the woman’s murder was learned, Ecuadorian authorities did estimate that the subject had fled to Colombia, but it was presumed that he would be in Nariño or the Southwest, however, the capture was in La Guajira.

What is now presumed is that the Ecuadorian would be looking to go to Venezuela.

The capture in Palomina, La Guajira this end of the year.

Now it is available to the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office,«while the official communications and legal procedures are completed to make it available to the Ecuadorian judicial authorities.”

It was possible to locate him with CTI investigators, “in development of the international fugitive location agreement signed with the US Marshall Agency, and with the support of the Gaula and the BAIMI 1 Military Intelligence Battalion.”

The case

A similar case like that of the Chilean Ilse Amory what happened in Santander, Colombia, happened in Quito, Ecuador, in this case, the Ecuadorian lawyer María Belén Bernal, was missing and 9 days later they found her body, her husband was the main suspect.

They pointed to him because the last time she was seen alive was when she went to the Police School on September 11, 2021 and was with him.

He is a police officer, identified as Germán García, revealed the same Ecuadorian authorities.

Presumably, the lawyer would have discovered a case of infidelity on the part of her husband, and that September 11, witnesses would have witnessed the heated argument and that he took her into the bedroom he was assigned to at that police school.

Screams were heard, presumably even from the lawyer María Belén asking for help.

Although García had been detained, he gave a statement and said that after the discussion “she left” and he did not know her whereabouts, eight hours later they released him, “because there was no evidence of a homicide or against him.”

It ‘flew’

Although he was asked not to move from the city, he was a fugitive and they did not rule out his passage to the border with Colombia.

The subject removed the body from the bedroom, apparently wrapped. She even took him in the lawyer’s car and from there, she went to vote for him near the school, in an open field.

Maria Belen Bernal I was 34 years old born in Quito and had studied law at the Faculty of Jurisprudence of the Central University.

She managed to become a respected litigator, with a great knowledge of criminal procedures.

One of the best-known cases that he had to face, representing the family of Alejandro Páliz, who died in March 2021 after being hit by a police car of the Quito Metropolitan Transit Agency.

He had a 13-year-old son from a previous relationship.

Bernal had married Lieutenant Garcia in 2017.

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