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They warn there will be sanctions for fish deaths in Sabana de la Mar and Miches

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They warn there will be sanctions for fish deaths in Sabana de la Mar and Miches

Biologists and other experts in marine biodiversity They go to the coastal coast of the municipalities Sabana de la Mar and Miches due to the situation of hundreds of dead fish in the areas.

The information was released by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources through a press release, where it explains that They are investigating the situation to find those responsible and warns that there will be sanctions.

“This investigation is carried out under the protection of Law 64-00 that governs the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, so that if responsibilities are proven, the corresponding sanctions would be determined”, precise.

It adds that trained technicians from the Vice Ministry of Coastal and Marine Resources, as well as from the Water Quality Directorate, were sent to determine the causes that have caused the death of these species.

Environment Manager in Samaná

Frank Rodríguez, in charge of the Environment in the province of Samaná, told Diario Libre that a week ago they realized that many dead species of all kinds were leaving the coast.

According to their observations, these fish seem to come from the high seas, since there are species such as parrotfish that are located in more remote areas. “I mean, some may appear on the coast, but not in that amount.”

Rodríguez indicated that the situation is possibly due to the fact that a ship has inadvertently dropped chemical material into the waters.

Think that thousands of fish have died since large numbers are seen on the coast and the sea is wide.

He clarified that the situation was notified to the authorities of the Public Ministry and that they carry out the place checks.

He added that a similar situation is happening in the municipality of Higüey.

What does Law 64-00 on the Environment say?

In its article 82 it indicates that “The dumping of contaminated substances or wastes in soils, rivers, lakes, lagoons, streams, reservoirs, the sea and any other body or water course is prohibited.”

“The Secretary of State for the Environment and Natural Resources, in consultation with the Secretary of State for Public Health and Social Assistance, and any other official agency involved, will issue and apply guidelines for the elimination, storage or final deposit of toxic and dangerous waste. ”.

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