They warn that "the bridge of the Los Ruices distributor could collapse" due to deterioration

They warn that “the bridge of the Los Ruices distributor could collapse” due to deterioration

Users of social networks denounce the deterioration of the Los Ruices roads, while Miranda Civil Protection analyzes the cracks in the distributor bridge, traveled by hundreds of vehicles that take the Francisco de Fajardo highway exit at the height of Los Ruices

Recent inspections of the Los Ruices interchange bridge by different authorities warn of the deterioration suffered by the structure, so there is a risk of it collapsing if appropriate measures are not taken.

The complaint arose from the twitter account of the photojournalist Jesús Medina, who published photos that allow us to see the cracks and separations in the concrete and the bases of the bridge used by hundreds of vehicles daily when leaving the Francisco Fajardo highway at the height of Los Ruices.

“It can collapse at any time. Avoid a tragedy. Vehicles continue to circulate on the bridge of the Los Ruices distributor on the Francisco Fajardo highway, the main road artery of Caracas. Observe that Miranda Civil Protection is already carrying out inspections,” the publication highlights.

As a result of this alert, technical personnel from the Ministry of Transportation also inspected the structure, according to the Sucre Municipal Police after receiving a complaint about the damage.

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Users on social networks responded to the tweet denouncing the general deterioration of the roads in Los Ruices, as well as the recurring passage of trucks that contributes to the damage to the bridge.

“This repair should be paid for by Polar, Coca-Cola and EPA, due to the trucks that pass daily like crazy people,” replied one user.

«Take advantage of having the entire main avenue of Los Ruices paved. There are holes everywhere, bad asphalt and manhole covers that look like holes. Accidents must be prevented”, highlights another tweeter.

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