Government requests “responsibility of political actors” after demonstrations in Calama

The Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, referred to the stoppage registered this Friday in the Calama commune, called by its own mayor, Eliecer Chamorro, due to the increase in crime and insecurity in the area.

In this sense, the Undersecretary of State empathized with the residents of the commune and assured that “citizens live in democracy and can eventually demonstrate to demand answers from the institutions to the problems they are experiencing.”

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Although Monsalve commented that the Government of President Gabriel Boric “is very respectful of the democratic rights of citizens in terms of demonstrations,” he called for “political actors to be responsible.”

“Because when behind the mobilizations there are people who have political responsibilities and occupy the problems to aggravate them, when the responsibility of the political actors is to get the country out of the crisis,” he added.

Finally, Monsalve remarked that “citizens’ demonstrations are completely legitimate if they so deem it,” but urged political actors to be more “responsible,” since “in terms of security, they are not situations to aggravate or deepen them.”

It should be remembered that during this Friday, the various accesses to the city of the Antofagasta region woke up blocked, to which was added that commerce and educational establishments did not open their doors.

The foregoing, as a protest against the acts of violence that occurred last Tuesday night and that left five injured and two dead, after two shootings that affected a police station and a bus terminal in the city.

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