They warn that fissures do not harm the MAS political project

They warn that fissures do not harm the MAS political project

March 29, 2023, 10:57 AM

March 29, 2023, 10:57 AM

On Sunday, President Luis Arce and MAS leader Evo Morales displayed their differences during their party’s 28th anniversary celebration. On Monday, the two factions approved the regulations to select the candidates for the Judicial Branch. In addition, the Minister of Economy, Marcelo Montenegro, revealed that in the ruling party there is no outright opposition to the law to sell gold.

In light of these events, Senator Rodrigo Paz, of the opposition alliance Comunidad Ciudadana (CC), assured that the two factions confronted in the ruling party are fighting “over problems”, jobs in public administration or positions of political influence, and not based on a debate that benefits the country.

“It is clear that between ‘evism’ and ‘arcism’ there are no ruptures. What you see here is a sticking problem. Neither of the two factions raised an in-depth debate regarding the problem of justice. On Monday they agreed because they are no longer interested in the homeland, they are concerned about maintaining the benefits of power and justice is there for it. Instead of giving hope regarding the change of justice, We have clearly seen that the setbacks can be more than the transformation of justice and, of course, the service to the homeland”, the tarijeño legislator questioned.

Paz affirmed that the same will happen with the controversial law that will authorize the sale of gold for ebalance the country’s reserves in the international arena.

To this is added, he stressed, Project 280, “the new law that will limit citizen protest and the exercise of freedom of expression.” This project proposed in February by Arce to the Legislature will begin to be analyzed on April 4 by the Constitution Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

On Monday, Minister Montenegro revealed that an agreement was reached over the weekend to unblock the treatment of this law. “They did not show any type (sign) of being against the approval of this standard and publicly indicated it. We are confident that this standard will be approved”, said the authority at a press conference in which he responded to comments made by former President Evo Morales regarding the economy.

Deputy Gualberto Arispe (MAS) yesterday expressed his annoyance at the minister’s criteria, but confirmed that the so-called “golden law” has not been rejected. “We are not against the law; that law is fine, but it must be incorporated that the authorization from the sale of gold must go through the Legislative Assembly”, he assured in time to justify “that padlock” to protect the reserves “in case a government comes from the right”.

The latest official data from the Central Bank details that international reserves are located at $us 3,538 million. The data is from more than a month ago and has not been updated.

Arispe pointed out that there are signs of an economic crisis and rejected Montenegro’s criticism of Evo Morales and recalled that Arce was Minister of Economy during his long presidential term.

Regarding the regulation of judicial elections, he assured that this constitutional power of the Legislature. “If we object, he would already be scheming the ‘minister of injustice’ to appoint magistrates by decree. We are not going to allow that, ”he remarked.

As a result of intense lobbying, the Arce government managed to unlock close to six loans for just over $1.5 billion that were in the Legislative Assembly. Governance is still compromised by the fights. This Wednesday, resources contracted under the concept of “fight for covid in communities” will be released.

Specialists in political analysis such as Marcelo Arequipa pointed out that Evo applies a strategy similar to the one he activated in 2005 when he pressured the “citizen” government of Carlos Mesa from the Legislature. “I had him cornered,” he recalled.

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