Government extends gun registration until May 3

Government extends gun registration until May 3

The federal government extended until May 3 the deadline for re-registering weapons in the National Weapons System (Sinarm). The decree was published on Wednesday (29) in the Official Diary of the Union. The term started on February 1st and would run until March 30th.

In a technical note, the National Secretariat for Public Security (Senasp), of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, justified that the extension of the deadline is intended to ensure “better adequacy of the Federal Police in carrying out the re-registration activity assigned to the police agency” , considering the continental dimensions of the country.

Sinarm, from the Federal Police (PF), is the registration system for weapons allowed for civilian use that concentrates data on weapons kept by private security companies, civil police, municipal guards and individuals with authorization to possess or carry. The Army’s Military Weapons Management System (Sigma) registers restricted-use weapons belonging to collectors, shooters and hunters (CAC’s).

With the re-registration, all permitted and restricted-use weapons must be registered in Sinarm, even if already registered in other systems.

Yesterday (28), at a public hearing in the Chamber of Deputiesthe Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino, stated that the process has been so successful that the number of weapons re-registered is already greater than the number of weapons originally registered in the official systems.

Dino did not present new numbers, but in the last balance sheet, last week, 81% of the 762,365 weapons from CACs, registered at Sigma, had been re-registered at the Federal Police. The more than 613,000 weapons re-registered surpass the government’s goal, which was to reach 80% of re-registrations completed.

Owners who no longer wish to keep the gun ownership they will be able to deliver them at one of the collection points of the Disarmament Campaign, authorized by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

Another change introduced in today’s decree allows the director general of the PF to establish special procedures for the presentation of weapons, motivated by logistical and security issues. The new text provides for the possibility of exposure to the PF teams in a different location than the respective police stations.

new policy

The re-registration was a determination of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who suspended, by decree, records for the acquisition and transfer of weapons and ammunition restricted for use by CACs. After the end of this stage, a proposal for a new decree with rules on the acquisition of weapons, obtaining ownership or possession and operation of shooting clubs will be presented by the government.

When determining the suspension, Lula created a working group to deal with this new regulation of the Disarmament Statute.

This Wednesday’s decree also changes the composition of the working group, which will now have two new members: a representative of the Committee on Public Security and Combating Organized Crime of the Chamber of Deputies and a representation of the Committee on Public Security of the Senate. Federal. Participation in the group was requested by the interested parties to Minister Flávio Dino.

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