“They want to continue managing us”;  Choquehuanca calls to build unity from La Paz

“They want to continue managing us”; Choquehuanca calls to build unity from La Paz

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Vice President David Choquehuanca warned this Saturday that the attempts to divide his party seek to weaken the strength of the social sectors of La Paz, which he called on to build unity. He did it at a time of an internal dispute accentuated by the demands for adjustment in the ministerial cabinet, where the demands of the Cochabamba coca growers’ bloc led by the head of his party, Evo Morales, gained weight.

“From La Paz we have to project unity, from La Paz, from the Aymaras, from Tiwanaku, from Lake Titicaca, from our Illimani, together with our grandfather Illampu. We have to project unity, but not only the peasants, not only the Bartolinas , we have to unite with those from El Alto, with the neighborhood councils of El Alto (…) with the Central Obrera Departamental, with the miners of La Paz, with the trade unions of La Paz. We have to unite,” he demanded during the inauguration of the XIX Congress of the Bartolina Sisa Departmental Federation of Women, at the Heroes of October Coliseum in the city of El Alto.

“We don’t realize the power we have, that’s why they want to divide us, they want to continue managing us, brothers,” he added, after launching the idea of ​​a congress among the social sectors of La Paz. “That’s the only way they will respect us, the people of La Paz, the Aymaras, brothers,” he insisted.

In the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) there are at least three internal currents and among them one identified with the historical leadership that Morales built in the Tropics of Cochabamba, cradle of MAS, and another with the proposal to renew and stop the confrontation proposed by Choquehuanca , which is stronger in La Paz.

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Morales himself called the bloc that supports the vice president a “huge error” and then the second-in-command of the MAS, Gerardo García, also from the Tropics, joined the criticism. “We are not worried about his group making. He (Choquehuanca) has never been a union leader. He has simply been a technician, who has supported us at the time politically, organically, technically, we have done seminars, we have done everything, but he has never been a grassroots leader, who has organized the comrades”, he said.

On Friday, the Single Trade Union Federation of Cochabamba Peasants and the Six Federations of the Tropics declared a state of emergency in defense of Morales, and warned that they will not allow parallel groups within their party.

“The Single Trade Union Federation of Peasants and the Six Federations of the Tropics of Cochabamba ratify that no block or parallel group within our political instrument that tries to divide our parent organizations and our highest political organization in the country is accepted or allowed,” he says. part of the conclusions read by the head of the MAS caucus in the Senate and representative of the coca growers, Leonardo Loza.

“We declare ourselves in defense and permanent state of alert of our brother Evo Morales, whom we ratify as our commander and national leader of our political instrument MAS IPSP”, indicates another point.

In his speech this morning, Choquehuanca also condemned the raising of the wiphala for the confrontation. “When we raise our wiphala we are saying that we don’t want to fight. We are not from the culture of war, from the culture of confrontation, we are from the culture of brotherhood,” he pointed out.

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