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They used 25-pound gas tanks in a local bowling alley

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Through an anonymous citizen complaint, the Authority for the Protection of Consumers and Defense of Competition (Acodeco) carried out a verification of an entertainment venue and detected the improper use of 25-pound gas.

According to Acodeco at the time of verification, the economic agent called “Bowland Group Panamá, SA, located in the Alta Plaza Mall shopping center, kept 4 gas cylinders connected to a pipe, including 2 fryers, which endangers the personnel and public attending this place that has a bowling alley for general use.

The anonymous complaint was made through Sindi (Institutional Information and Complaint System), through WhatsApp 6330-3333, where the data was immediately processed to carry out the respective inspection. The fines applied in these cases are 750 balboas for each tank of gas used.

Acodeco calls on economic agents to refrain from using the 25-pound liquefied gas cylinder, which is subsidized by the State and only for residential use.

Cabinet Decree No. 16 of March 11, 2014, in Article 9 states that “it is understood that sales of liquefied petroleum gas in 25-pound cylinders to inns, mobile or temporary stalls selling food, soup kitchens, schools and soup kitchens, qualify as residential domestic use. In addition, the Authority for Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition is empowered so that, by means of a reasoned resolution, it can include other establishments within this qualification.

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