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They urge that Marito’s enrichment be investigated in the midst of a pandemic

Liberal senator Eusebio Ramón Ayala stated that in any case “these are emblematic cases that require full clarification so that people have confidence in public administrators.”

“Someone has to control, there is a law that must be complied with, Public Procurement has the obligation to regulate that. I don’t know if they are going to investigate the boss, his obligation is to do it and the other entities that adjudicate as well, “said Ayala in relation to the publication of La Nación, which exposed this Monday that the president Mario Abdo Benítez got his asphalt distribution company has multimillion-dollar profits that in a single year (2021) increased 1,290% in relation to 2017.

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“When the case is very public, the Prosecutor’s Office has to intervene,” added the parliamentarian in conversation with Universo 970 AM of Nación Media.

Undoubtedly, the President did very well in the worst year of the pandemic. Almost US$ 13 million dollars (Gs 92,647 million) earned in a single year (2021) Marito’s asphalt company. Giving a figure of G. 273 million per day; G. 12 million per hour. The firm Storage and Distribution of Asfaltos SA (Aldia SA) registered in 2017 net profits for Gs 6,665 million, so the increase was impressive.

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The entrance They urge that Marito’s enrichment be investigated in the midst of a pandemic was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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