They train schoolchildren to preserve the environment

They train schoolchildren to preserve the environment

Various educational institutions from the Valles de Tuy, Miranda state, participated in the First School Meeting of the World Energy Efficiency Day, in order to preserve the environment.

In the facilities of the “Madre María” Private Educational Unit, they carried out various activities, indicates the press release of the National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec).

During the meeting, the basic education students performed dramatizations, exhibitions, plays, among other cultural activities related to the proper use of electricity.

Likewise, the team of the National Electricity Corporation gave recognitions to the management staff and students of the educational centers, to encourage teachers and parents to continue integrating the learning acquired in the communities.

The head of the State Division of Alternative Sources and Rational and Efficient Use of Electric Energy (Fauree), Nelson Mata, invited Venezuelan families to join the conscious use of energy, through daily practice in homes, until it becomes in a habit.

In this regard, the head of the Educational Region of the Independencia and Paz Castillo municipalities, Edwar Valera, called on the educational population to unite to raise awareness in their environment about the efficient use of electricity service.


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