They suspend the ratification of Elvia Barrios, president of the PJ

They suspend the ratification of Elvia Barrios, president of the PJ

The National Justice Board (JNJ) agreed to suspend the ratification process of the head of the Judiciary (PJ), while the disciplinary procedure against her for the hiring of her husband in the National Elections Jury in 2015 is ongoing.

The same suspension criterion will affect the processes of former National Prosecutor Pablo Sánchez and Supreme Judge Javer Arévalo “until the disciplinary resolution that ends the procedure becomes final.” The process of ratification of the member César San Martín does continue.

The plenary session of the JNJ is covered by the Regulations for the Procedure for the Comprehensive Evaluation and Ratification of Judges of the Judicial Power and Prosecutors of the Public Ministry, approved on December 20, 2020.

Likewise, it is stated in the considering part that the decision is adopted “in order to avoid decisions that may be contradictory with respect to the same case, in both procedures.”


In Pedro Castillo’s first year, the economy was the sector most affected by the government’s erratic policies and messages. For analysts, the government’s mistakes will end up affecting the lives of all citizens.

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