Families continue to live in crowded schools

Families continue to live in crowded schools

In a totally unhealthy environment, with overcrowding and diverse precariousness, this is how they live 389 families who were evicted from the Freddy Beras Goico neighborhood, in the Los Alcarrizos municipality of Santo Domingo Oeste on March 6, 2021.

One year and eight months after the eviction, these people are housed in an educational facility under construction in the Los Coquitos sector of this municipality.

They state that every day is a nightmare due to the conditions they have to live in, where in a single classroom there are up to five familieswith only three bathrooms, with an improvised electrical system as well as the potable one.

They separate the classrooms with boards, zinc sheets, trying to create a space that serves as their houses, in small spaces and without windows.

According to reports, these people were taken from their homes in the early hours of the morning by authorities of the National Police without prior notice, who had been living in the area for around 17 years.

They explained that the authorities maintained the reason that the eviction was carried out because the land was private property, however, they assure that they have their property titles when they bought from the State Sugar Council (CEA).

They ask the President of the Republic, Louis Abinaderthat the tens of families who stay in the educational center and who do not want more broken promises by the authorities.

It is not the first time that those affected have demonstrated demanding to be relocated, although their efforts have not been sufficient since the authorities have not carried out the necessary actions to resolve the situation.

sick children

The evictees denounce that their children have become ill due to the amount of contamination in the place.

In addition, they complain that their children often have to miss school because they do not have drinking water to bathe and because of the condition of the streets in the area, especially on rainy days.

They explain that the situation is more difficult when the water drags the solid waste covering the entire place and causing illnesses not only in children, but also in adults and the evicted elderly.

“And when it rains it’s worse, a huge quagmire that you can’t even cross. Our children have gotten sick, we’re in very bad conditions,” said Mr. Samuel Mora.

Most of these people are without work, receiving help from the authorities of the Mayor’s Office of Los Alcarrizos.

They have also received help with food rations, clothing and medicine from various national and international foundations.

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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