The smoke covers Villa Tapia since last week

They show concern for smoke in Villa Tapia

VILLA TAPIA. – The Civil Defense of the Hermanas Mirabal province, expressed concern about the immense smoke that has been covering this municipality since last week, where it is expected, according to its director Francisco Javier Almanzar, that if the situation is not corrected in time, this city ​​will have to declare a state of emergency.

When interviewed by this means, the community leader expressed that the smoke that covers the city expands very lightly and quickly, which even makes it impossible for residents in different areas of this city to go out and carry out their activities normally.

In this sense, Francisco Javier Almanzar indicated that if the expansion of the thick mass of smoke that covers the city and the various surrounding areas continues, outbreaks of respiratory and even cardiac diseases could occur in this city in the next few hours, due to that many people, mainly the elderly, find it impossible to breathe normally.

The smoke covers Villa Tapia since last week

“We are alerting the authorities to act promptly in the face of this serious problem, the mass of smoke that comes out of the Villa Tapia landfill is very strong and unbearable, I have tried since early today to communicate with the mayor of this municipality , Mr. Hoger D León, but so far it has been impossible for me, because a quick way out must be sought for him before the case becomes complicated as we see that it can happen ”, said the director of Civil Defense.

The community leader also understands that in the next few hours all the units of the various Fire Departments of the province and part of the region must come and help solve the problem, and if it is not resolved on time, it will be necessary until request reinforcements from the units of the Air Force of the Dominican Republic.

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