They sentence a man who never paid his children's alimony

They sentence a man who never paid his children’s alimony

The accused is the owner of the construction company hired by the victims who reported having been scammed by it. In total they came to pay the sum of almost one hundred million guaraníes.

Prosecutor Osvaldo Zaracho issued an act of accusation against Naila Diana Paniagua, owner of the Company NG Constructora y Servicio, accused of having incurred in the alleged commission of the punishable act against property (fraud).

According to the investigation, the woman received the sum of G. 98,800,000 in exchange for the construction of a house, which has not even started. The victims Víctor René Garcete Zapata and María Viviana Centurión López filed the complaint against him.

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It refers that on May 6, 2022, Naila Diana first received the sum of G. 49,400,000 cas part of payment for the work they would do.

Later, on May 9 of that same year, Garcete Zapata would have deposited another sum, consisting of G. 50,415,000 totaling the aforementioned amount.

The work should be 150 square meters of two levelsminimalist style, in a building located at km 7 Don Bosco, Cerrado Rivera del Acaray neighborhood of Ciudad del Este.

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However, the house was never built, causing millions in economic damage to those affected.

Now, the Public Ministry started criminal investigation process against the accused and requested a six-month term for the conclusive requirement.

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