BlackRock niega planes para hacerse con Credit Suisse

BlackRock denies plans to take over Credit Suisse

The American BlackRock, the largest investment fund in the world, denied on Saturday that it was preparing an acquisition of Credit Suisse.

“BlackRock is not participating in any plan to acquire all or part of Credit Suisse and has no interest in doing so,” a spokesman for the New York-based firm told EFE.

BlackRock thus came out of a piece of information from the financial newspaper Financial Times, which claimed, citing various anonymous sources, that the fund was preparing an offer for the Swiss bank.

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The stock price of Credit Suisse fell sharply this week amid doubts about the health of the entity, which according to various media could end in its division or in a partial or complete transfer to UBS, its competitor and the largest bank in Switzerland by market value.

The support offered to Credit Suisse by the Swiss Central Bank failed to reassure the markets this Friday, marked by nervousness after the collapse of the American Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank and the problems of other institutions such as First Republic.

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