They seized a lot of medicines in Higuerote for their alleged resale

They seized a lot of medicines in Higuerote for their alleged resale

A large batch of medicines and surgical medical supplies were seized by Brión Police officers, Miranda state, when they were discovered in some areas of the Higuerote General Hospital from where they were stolen for sale, reported the mayor of that Barlovento area, Yohan Ponce.

For this fact, the authorities detained nursing, warehouse and stretcher bearers, as well as the heads of waitresses and warehouse.

The press office of the mayor’s office released three videos, two of which show Ponce during the inspection carried out at the sites of the hoarding together with hospital directors, councilors, Citizen Security officials and the Health General Staff.

Ponce stressed that this was the result of inquiries made by officials from the Polibrión Criminal Investigation Service, who determined that part of what was seized had been hoarded for a year or a year and a half to two years.

The mayor showed part of the discovery of the health material that was supplied by the national government and the Governorate of Miranda.

In addition, he explained that the people who carried out this crime used deposits and rooms as a hiding place. During the tour, the authorities also found lockers of some health officials with medicines, gloves, gowns and medical instruments, in addition to cleaning materials.

Medications include clindamycin, ketoprofen, antibiotics, ranitidine, valproic acid, salbutamol, diclofenac, among others, as well as gloves, syringes, and lactose Ringer’s solutions; of the latter there are more than 15 thousand units.

Mayor Ponce lamented the situation that affects the people of Brión and assured that he is willing to reach the last person responsible through the procedure opened by the Criminal Investigation Service. He asserted that they dealt a serious blow to the health mafia in the area.

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