They seized a "grenade launcher" alias El Conas

They seized a “grenade launcher” alias El Conas

Agents of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) arrested Junior Enrique Mora Mora (El Junior), considered to be the author of the attack with explosives perpetrated against the Palace of Justice of Maracaibo (Zulia).

The arrest of alias El Junior was reported by Elio Estrada, director of the PNB, who specified that the subject was captured at the Josefa Camejo pier, Maracaibo.

Estrada pointed out that the detainee is a member of the criminal organization founded by Oscar Enrique Guzmán Chirinos, alias El Conas.

This subject is allegedly in Bogotá, Colombia, from where he directs criminal actions against merchants and agricultural producers from Zulia, on whom he imposes payment in dollars so as not to threaten their lives and family members, according to the investigations. But in case they do not want to cancel what the criminal demands, he orders to attack the victims’ buildings with explosive devices.

Recently El Conas spread messages threatening the Justice System if it captured people from their family environment. Indeed, the Cicpc arrested 12 relatives of the negative leader and members of his criminal group, arrests executed in Cabimas, Maracaibo and Valencia

In response, alias El Junior threw a grenade at the Palace of Justice in Maracaibo last week.

This subject was from the 10th Court of Control of Zulia, for the crime of extortion since 2014.

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