Saved says that in the Mexican team you have to "live together" with criticism

Saved says that in the Mexican team you have to "live together" with criticism

Andrew Savedcaptain of the national team Mexico, He assured this Tuesday that when you are a member of the national team “you have to know how to live” with criticism of the team.

“It’s part of being here, being in the national team. I’ve been here for many years and criticism has always existed for one reason or another. We accept it as such. We can’t do much to change it other than win games and improve our performance “, he stated at a press conference.

The player of Betis He admitted that there is “added pressure” when defending the national team shirt, but he assured that they must “be prepared for it, know how to handle the criticism and the pressure that there is” and “know how to live with it”.

A) Yes, Saved he appealed to the “maturity” of the group to accept “criticism that may be constructive” and “the responsibility of changing all this but on the field.”

The Mexican team organized this Tuesday an open day for the media before their next two friendlies in California, which they will play this Saturday against Peru in Pasadena (USA) and against Colombia next tuesday in Saint Clare (USA.).

With a certain air of pessimism around the selection and the poor results of their last games, Savedwho said to come to defend the shirt of Mexico “with the illusion of the first day”, reflected on the recent lack of goal of the Tri.

“In recent games, perhaps we haven’t produced enough for our strikers to have clear scoring chances (…). And there are also streaks, moments: moments when they all come in and moments when no matter how hard you look the way is not given,” he argued.

Given the possibility of playing his fifth world, Saved spoke about “the curse” of Mexicowhich accumulates seven appointments surpassing the group stage but falling in the round of 16.

“We are not thinking of only advancing. Not only to the fifth game (the quarterfinal). We have said it since the last World Cup (…): we don’t like to talk about the fifth game because we believe that the ceiling has to be higher. We believe that once that curse of the fifth game is broken we have a potential to go higher,” he said.

At 35 years old, Saved He is the leader of a team in which he appreciates “a large mix of players with a lot of experience with some who are going to experience their first world“.

“And we try to see that as something positive: there are a lot of people with a huge illusion of playing their first World, without that psychological burden of carrying maybe several World Cups and always stay in the same position,” he said.

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