Buscan proteger los recursos naturales

They seek to protect natural resources

The Minister of the Environment, Orlando Jorge Mera, made a working visit to the Loma Novillero forest reserve and the Loma Los Siete Picos National Park, to learn about the environmental situations that are affecting natural resources in the region and identify possible solutions.

The purpose of the visit was to analyze and agree on solutions to the environmental problems that affect this area with a view to promoting the protection of its different ecosystems.

During the visit, Orlando Jorge Mera expressed that the Ministry of the Environment is committed to protecting these protected areas, which represent a fundamental axis for preserving water resources.

“Recently, the Ministry of the Environment intervened in some areas in Loma Novillero to improve their safety and protect the environment and natural resources. This Reserve is very important for the production of water from the Ozama and Isabela rivers, Haina, among others”, the minister stressed.

During his tour of different areas of the Loma Siete Picos, Jorge Mera was able to inspect and learn about various areas of the area, including the Hotel Maca, Salto del lndio, EcoAldeaRd and the northern area of ​​Los Arroyones, where they were demolished. constructions that had been carried out illegally.

The inspection also included El Aserradero Arroyones to identify the environmental situation of the place and the activities that are being carried out.

The official had an approach with representatives of various sectors of society, who expressed their concerns and presented their requests to jointly seek solutions to the main realities faced by these protected areas.

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