OEFA fines Repsol S/ 460,000 for failing to rescue wildlife from the oil spill

OEFA fines Repsol S/ 460,000 for failing to rescue wildlife from the oil spill

The (OEFA) imposed a sixth coercive fine on the Refinery with the amount of 100 UIT (S/ 460,000) due to failure to carry out patrolling, rescue, cleaning and temporary custody of the fauna affected by the oil spill that occurred on January 15 in the Ventanilla Sea.

According to the OEFA, with this sanction there are already seven -of the 16 administrative measures issued- that Repsol has not complied with, which are:

  • Identification of the areas affected by the spill.
  • Clean affected areas.

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  • Containment and recovery of hydrocarbons.
  • Containment, recovery and cleaning of hydrocarbons in Natural Protected Areas.
  • Containment and recovery of the hydrocarbon from the second oil spill, which occurred on January 25, 2022.
  • Monitoring of areas affected by the second spill.
  • Patrolling, rescue, cleaning and custody of the affected fauna in protected natural areas (ANP), fragile ecosystems and other affected areas.

He specified that, so far, there are six coercive fines for a total amount of S/ 2,760,000 applied to Repsol, five of which have already been paid.

The OEFA indicated that it continues to carry out supervision to verify compliance with the measures ordered to Repsol and will promptly report their status.


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