They seek to present a bill to eliminate the PASO

They seek to present a bill to eliminate the PASO

The project to eliminate the Primaries, Open, Simultaneous and Obligatory (STEP) would be presented by deputy Luis Di Giacomo of the Together We Are Río Negro (JSRN) bloc.

From the ruling party they commented that the debate to eliminate the primary elections It will be open to all sectors that want to support the proposal. In the words of Di Giacomo: “We are paying for a survey (the STEP) to the big parties between all the taxpayers”.

Proof of vote.

Furthermore, Di Giacomo said about the elections: “We are finishing preparing the project to go directly from the subject of the STEP, just as we did in the province. He did not fulfill his function in any of the elections. Sometimes it is convenient for some, other times for others, it is not something that supposes a positive contribution to the system in general”.

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