They seek to increase the punishment against environmental crime with modifications to the Penal Code

Modify the Penal Code to increase the punishment against environmental crime, was the agreement reached by the Commission of Government, Justice and Constitutional Affairs of the Assembly, the prosecution, the Ministry of Environment and the National Police.

The answers were given in the midst of the review of Bill 516, which modifies the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code to increase the punishment against environmental crime.

The head of Environment, Milciades Concepción, pointed out that the country will be offered an environmental criminal chapter within the Penal Code, very updated and modern, to prosecute environmental crimes that have evolved in our country, to international instances and were not contemplated in the Penal Code.

“We reached good agreements with the deputies to modify the Penal Code and take it to the second debate, to combat organized crime that has evolved to the detriment of our flora and fauna,” said Concepción, in a press release from the Assembly.

Deputy Víctor Castillo, who chairs the commission, stated that they carried out a review of the issue of punishment for peasants who commit these crimes.

The Assembly reported that among the most common crimes are illegal logging, illegal trafficking of flora and fauna, forest fires, contamination of water resources, air and noise pollution, as well as the proliferation of crimes in the constructions that they do not comply with the environmental impact studies and their follow-up.

Bill 516 will be presented to the Legislative Assembly for discussion and review in the second and third debates.

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