Senator Franklin Romero argued that the new Penal Code contemplates the prosecution of land invasions, femicides, terrorism and other crimes.

They see it necessary to approve the Penal Code to tackle crime

The block of senators from the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and deputies from the People’s Force (FP) affirmed this morning that the approval of the Penal Code cannot be postponed in the shortest time so that the State has the necessary legal tools to face the wave of violence and crime affecting the country.

Franklin Romero, a perremeista in the Upper House and Omar Fernandez, spokesman for the deputies of the People’s Force, agreed that although there is a lack of mechanisms to deal with these scourges, all of society must be involved to solve the problem.

Senator Franklin Romero argued that the new Penal Code contemplates the prosecution of land invasions, femicides, terrorism and other crimes.
Franklin Romero, senator of the PRM.

“This is not an issue of the Luis Abinader government, the issue here is that all of society has to participate actively so that these evils can be successfully confronted. The churches have to play their role in these crucial moments that the country is experiencing in the field of security,” Romero considered.

He added that “it is essential that the Penal Code be approved at this time, it is the right time, because there are sanctions that do not exist for new crimes that are being committed, but they are contemplated in the new code.”

Romero argued that the new regulations contemplate the prosecution of land invasions, femicides, terrorism and other crimes.

He considered that while it is true that the government has to be a guarantor of the fundamental rights of all Dominicans, “but the churches, Education, Justice, the family must be involved because it is everyone’s responsibility, it is not a party’s responsibility. of government, it is a responsibility of the whole society”.

Omar Fernandez

While the spokesman for the block of deputies of the People’s Force said that at this time there is the necessary political will to approve the new Penal Code.

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Omar Fernández, deputy of the FP.

“It is a Code that is going to have more than 70 new criminal types that today are not contemplated in the Penal Code because what we have today is a Code from the 19th century to combat crime from the 21st century, this is simply impossible, this cannot be Continue like this. I, as part of the justice commission that studies the piece and speaking on behalf of the block of deputies of the People’s Force, are fully committed to supporting and voting in favor of this piece to have the new criminal types that better combat crime “, held.

Fernandez stressed that the new code defends women, fights crime, which criminalizes hired assassins, the accumulation of punishment, computer crimes, criminalizes throwing the devil’s acid at a person.

Alexis Jimenez

Meanwhile, the president of the Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Alexis Jiménez, explained that with the new Penal Code that is being approved, after the police officer who killed four people in Los Alcarrizos, the minimum sentence would be 60 years. from prison

However, he said with the current regulations the agent could be released on parole in 15 years.

He argued that due to the spiral of violence and crime that plagues the Dominican Republic at the moment, the approval of the Penal Code is urgently imposed, which has already been waiting for 20 years in the National Congress.

He described as horrific the shooting death of three women and a man, as well as the wounding of a child.


The project has been in discussion for several years on the issue of abortion. The religious argue that it should be penalized, while sectors of society demand that it be allowed in exceptional cases, especially in those where the mother of the fetus is in danger and in pregnancies due to rape.

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