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They say they remove 1,687 kilos of cocaine from the streets in 2022

Members of the National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD), accompanied by the Public Ministry and supported by the National Police, seized more than 1,687,000 grams of different narcotics in operations carried out in neighborhoods and provinces throughout the country.

According to the agency’s statistics, during 2022 more than 20,000 operations and raids were carried out, through which some 15,285 people linked to micro-trafficking were arrested and 662,692 grams of cocaine, 989,417 of marijuana, 20,260 grams of crack were seized. , 18,259 of hashish, 92 of heroin and 6,815 ecstasy pills, for a total of 1,687,221 grams.

In these joint actions, aimed at confronting and stopping the trafficking and sale of drugs, the authorities seized 212 firearms, including pistols, revolvers and shotguns, 565 bladed weapons, 1,179 scales and 35 communication radios.

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In addition, 98 vehicles were seized, 1,776 motorcycles, 7,255 cell phones, RD $16,416,610 Dominican pesos, US$308,890 US dollars, among other evidence.

“As highlighted in the figures for this year 2022, the authorities have continued to hit micro-drug trafficking, within the framework of the new strategies developed by the Attorney General’s Office and the DNCD, to dismantle drug points and arrest individuals dedicated to to this crime”.

The authorities assure that in comparison with previous years, it is highlighted that the confiscations of drugs in the neighborhoods exceed 100 percent, figures that consolidate the fight against micro-trafficking of illicit substances.

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They say they will remove 1,687 kilos of cocaine from the streets in 2022 3

The DNCDthe Public Ministry and the Police maintain their collaboration against micro-trafficking.

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