They rule out a loan and prepare another project: today they will define a new reduction

They rule out a loan and prepare another project: today they will define a new reduction

The Ministry of Finance will work on another bill with the lines lowered by Congress: without indebtedness, with a fund that includes only Petropar, among other points. However, today it will be defined whether it is feasible to anticipate a new reduction of G. 500, with the commitment to approve the new proposal.

After the meeting held between the senators and the representatives of Petropar and the Treasury, Minister Óscar Llamosas, head of the Treasury, explained what is intended to be done, based on what was discussed and agreed with the legislators.

“We have the task of working on a proposal with certain things that Congress marked for us,” Llamosas explained at a press conference. The project that aims to contain fuel prices must take into account these aspects:

Rule out a new loan as a form of financing

Use existing resources

Exclude private emblems and work only with Petropar

Authorize Petropar to negotiate directly with international companies and other governments for the purchase of fuel.


Having as a commitment from Congress the prompt approval of the new project, based on the aforementioned guidelines, Petropar could reduce the price of fuel by 500 guaraníes and thus complete the 1,000 guaraníes, with the reduction made on Thursday.

President Denis Lichi informed that the predisposition for the readjustment is there, but that they must first verify if it is legally viable, since it is not possible to sell a product for a value lower than the purchase cost. The answer will be today.

If it is legally possible, Petropar will lower its prices, but with the Treasury’s commitment to replace it, through the project that will be presented no later than Monday and subsequently discussed as soon as possible.


As the loan is ruled out, the mission of the Ministry of Finance is to find a financing formula with the resources already available, given that the money will be transferred by said portfolio.

“We want to base ourselves on the available legal framework, we have space in the Selective for Consumption, but we will see how to do it,” Llamosas commented.

The senators promised to study the new project and give its approval, as long as it is based on the lines discussed.

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