They robbed the father of "little" Schwartzman at his Palermo store

They robbed the father of "little" Schwartzman at his Palermo store

Security cameras captured the moment of the robbery.


The father of the Argentine tennis player Diego “Peque” Schwartzman was robbed at his premises in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo by a criminal who, after threatening him with a trench, stole money, backpacks and hats, although he was arrested a few blocks away, police sources reported Monday.

The event was recorded on Sunday when a person alerted an officer from the 14 A Neighborhood Police Station that a criminal had entered to rob a clothing store located on 4900 Honduras Street, in the named neighborhood of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Aires.

According to sources told Télam, The officer identified the criminal and began to chase him until finally arresting him at the intersection of Borges and El Salvador.about 200 meters from where the incident occurred.

The suspect seized money, a Samsung S8 cell phone, two backpacks with eight hats and a speaker.

When they went to the robbed premises, the police determined that the victim was Ricardo Schwartzman, father of tennis player Diego “Peque” Schwartzman, who said that the thief had entered his premises and had threatened him with a pitchforkwhich was also seized, police informants detailed.

They also said that the now detainee is 37 years old and has two contraventions as “rag” plowed last March and April.

The theft was recorded on a local security camera. and contributed for the investigation to the National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office 45, in charge of Cinthia Oberlander, in charge of the case.

This Monday, the designer “Panni” Margot, Ricardo Schwartzman’s neighbor and friend, and also a witness to the event, told the press that the tennis player’s father sent him a message asking for help and when he approached the premises he observed a strange situation.

“When I wanted to open the door (Ricardo) he yelled at me that it was closed, that he was not answering. I wanted to go in to greet him and (the door) was locked. He opens it for me, he tells me ‘we’re not working’ and I hear ‘we’re closed’, but I didn’t know where the voice came from”, said the designer.

The man indicated that he later saw in the images of the security cameras that the criminal had first hidden under the counter and then behind a mannequin.

“Panni” recounted that the assailant posed as a customer and he told Schwartzman that he was going to take two caps, to which Schwartzman replied – to play along – that he should pay for them at another time.

When the assailant left the premises, the victim told his designer neighbor that he had just suffered a robbery, so they called 911, while “Panni” began to follow the offender.

The designer reported that the criminal hid the backpack he had stolen inside a garbage can and then stood on a corner, where he was finally arrested by the police.

“I did not realize that he was armed,” said the witness, who added that the assailant would have been “about 15 minutes locked up in the premises” with the tennis player’s father.

“Ricardo was in good condition, luckily they did not hurt him,” the witness concluded.

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