They riddle a Chilean citizen on public roads in Cochabamba and the Police do not rule out settling accounts

They riddle a Chilean citizen on public roads in Cochabamba and the Police do not rule out settling accounts

Two antisocials on a red motorcycleon Avenida América, in front of a micro-market, they riddled a man of Chilean nationality, who now is torn between life and death. The Police advanced that it could be a settling of scores.

The security cameras captured the moment in which a couple approaches a white wagon with plate 4800-RFY At the front, the man walks leaning on two crutches and the woman accompanies him until she sits at the wheel. She then walks around the vehicle and bumps into the gunman, who evades her and approaches the driver’s window.

A man in a white shirt and with a sweater on his arm under which he hides the weapon, he approaches almost running, dodges the victim’s wife and goes straight to shoot the driverthere is talk of four or five shots and the perpetrator flees.

The departmental commander of the Police, Colonel Rubén Lobaton, said that personnel from the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) are investigating the incident. “We do not rule out that it is a reckoningthe case is just being investigated,” he said.

The identity of the victim was not disclosed. the medical diagnosis is reserved, since the impact of the shots would have seriously affected vital organs. “His life is at risk,” said the police chief.

The immigration status of the victim is unknown.and it is expected that in the next few hours it will be possible to establish if he was legally in Bolivia, or if he has any antecedents.

According to the police report, the victim is torn between life and death, since several impacts came close to the head, one of them in the right eye. The victim’s partner will provide the details of the event, since he is the one who witnessed the event.

Witnesses to the shooting reported that they only heard gunshotsand then the victim’s wife ran for help.

“There were no discussions, nothingjust the shots and the man was bloodied in his vehicle,” said one of the witnesses.

In the scene the vehicle was sealedbullet casings, the victim’s bloody chinstrap and traces of blood on the avenue.

The police activate plan Z and search different parts of the city for suspicious people aboard a red motorcycle.

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