They reveal that former minister Juan Silva appointed Alcides Villafuerte in the MTC because he had to "carry out works in favor of businessmen"

They reveal that former minister Juan Silva appointed Alcides Villafuerte in the MTC because he had to “carry out works in favor of businessmen”

In the framework of the investigation for the a new aspiring effective collaborator revealed that the former Minister of Transport and Communications would have directly coordinated the appointment of officials in strategic positions of the MTC with nephew of the president according to a report by Panorama.

The journalistic report indicated that the new witness told the Prosecutor’s Office that a meeting was agreed to be held in the house of the then head of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), located on León Velarde street, in Lince. The businessman arrived at the place Zamir Villaverde; the former works manager of Decentralized Provías, Alcides VillafuerteY Vasquez Castillo.

However, only Villafuerte and the president’s nephew entered Silva’s home, while Villaverde was waiting for them in the vehicle in which he took them.

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According to that version, Fray Vásquez Castillo would have told Juan Silva that Alcides Villafuerte “He was a very capable and trustworthy person, who was an ally. Faced with this, the then minister asked for support with his management, since he asserted that “I had to take out works in favor of the businessmen”.

Juan Silva summons Alcides Villafuerte to his office the next day, but he tells him that he cannot because he has a commission to the city of Moquegua. To which Juan Silva replies that it was necessary to establish what position he could assume”, indicated the aspiring effective collaborator.

After that, according to the same story, Zamir Villaverde communicates with Villafuerte and asks him to meet urgently with the head of the MTC. Next, he talks on the phone and they agree to meet again at the ex-minister’s house.

In said meeting, Juan Silva mentions that a decision will be made to appoint the person of Alcides Villafuerte in an important position and that it was necessary put trustworthy people in all areas in order to manage all contracting of works in the MTC”, declared the candidate for effective collaborator before the Public Ministry.

In that sense, the former member of the cabinet points out to Villafuerte that he should “be at the forefront Provías Decentralized and that the MTC would place its trusted people in the necessary positions to handle the bids”.


Liz Meléndez, director of the organization, spoke with perú21TV and stressed that despite the outrage over the case of the minor in Chiclayo, we must focus on prevention and “think about what to do so that this does not happen again.” .

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