In 8 days, 161,531 people left the country

In 8 days, 161,531 people left the country

According to data provided by the National Directorate of Migration, which reports to the Ministry of the Interior, between April 8 and 16 some 161,531 people left the country. Of that number, 127,948 (79%) were Uruguayans, 20,883 Argentines, 4,355 Brazilians, 1,725 ​​Paraguayans, 919 Venezuelans and 5,665 people of various nationalities.

Regarding the control points where the departures took place, 30,529 people left through the department of Paysandú, 30,421 through Colonia, 22,921 through Salto, 22,303 through the city of Fray Bentos, and 17,197 through the Carrasco Airport. These being the main points, then on the list are the city of Río Branco with 12,451, the Port of Montevideo (Buquebus) with 9,810, Chuy with 9,079, Rivera with 3,724 and 3,096 people who left by other means.

On the other hand, in terms of income, in the same period (8 to 16) the amount of 161,838 entered the national territory, of which 97,821 were of Uruguayan nationality. Then, 43,992 were Argentines, 8,895 Brazilians, 2,106 Paraguayans, 1,137 Colombians and 7,887 people of various nationalities.

In reference to the access points through which these visitors entered the country, 34,078 arrived through the city of Fray Bentos, 32,239 through Paysandú, 29,650 through Colonia, 22,025 through Salto and 13,788 through the Carrasco International Airport. In addition, 9,492 arrived through the Port of Montevideo, 8,001 through the Chuy, 6,449 travelers through the Branco, 2,751 through Rivera and 3,365 through other access roads.

It should be noted that these numbers provided by the National Migration Directorate are partial since they lack the movement of income and expenses from yesterday, Sunday, and what happens during this Monday 18 (holiday advanced by Tuesday 19). After Easter, the authorities of the Ministry of Tourism will carry out an evaluation of the summer season.

return operation

Vanesa Briozo, spokeswoman for the Highway Police, told Diario La R on Sunday night that the return operation has been implemented continuously since last Friday the 15th and until Monday the 18th.

For this operation, 100% of the executive staff was dedicated to traffic prevention, control and inspection tasks. The presence in the main arteries was reinforced, highlighting the Interbalnearia and routes 9, 8, 5, 3, 2 and 1. He added that route 8 was one of the busiest and loaded with traffic during the past day.

The spokeswoman pointed out that “it is important to remember that there are several bridges under repair on various routes with interrupted circulation and crossing with traffic lights, which causes delays, at some points of up to more than 30 minutes.”

The official urged drivers to leave with patience and enough time, in order to avoid rush hours (Monday from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.), as well as maintain a safe distance and respect speed limits, as well as traffic regulations. traffic in general.

In relation to how yesterday’s Sunday day unfolded, he said that the inter-resort route was loaded with a count of 2,500 vehicles per hour, although from 6:00 p.m. it continued loaded but with more fluidity. “Not only Interbalnearia but several routes in the country were in the same situation. Route 11, route 5, route 3 and route 8 (Verdun celebrations in Minas), the traffic was fluid but loaded at the same time”, he explained.

He also said that last Saturday the 16th, the Interbalnearia route was loaded towards Montevideo, with a peak of 2,348 vehicles (between 6 and 7 p.m.). He added that on that same day there was a lot of traffic on Route 8 because we have the celebration of the Virgin of Verdun, but it was not blocked.

Weekly summary

The Highway Police spokeswoman explained that the vehicular flow was increased during the Tourism Week. She recalled that in various parts of the country traffic was slowed down by widening works on different bridges where the crossings are regulated by traffic lights, generating congestion. These were the points where traffic slowed down in recent days.


Route 3 – km. 378 “A° San Francisco” – Route 3 km 366 “A° Sacra” – Route 3 km 357 “A° Pantanoso”. Traffic lights in both directions, regulated with a green light for 1 minute and a red light for 2 minutes.


Route 9 km 214,500, two bridges 50 meters from each other with traffic lights over “A° Las Conchas” – Route 9 – km. 221,700 «Arroyo Zanja Honda» with traffic light, special precaution due to downward slope in both directions – Route 9 – km. 225,500, on Arroyo Don Carlos with a traffic light – Kmts 242 to 245, it was recommended to take precautions with speed reduction on stepped pavement (filling tasks without demarcation lines or shoulders).


Route 5 – km. 186 Yi River – (30 minute wait)


Route 2 – Km.292 Arroyo Pantanoso (5 minutes) – Route 2 Km.280 – “Liber Seregni” Bridge: Work slowing traffic due to the existence of donkey backs and beaconing – Route 2 Km.222 “A° La Lancha” : Work with traffic slowing due to unevenness and beacons – From the National Directorate of Highway Police we urge users to respect the signs and be patient before the aforementioned intersections.

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