Rescatan a recién nacida raptada en La Vega; hay dos detenidos

They rescue a newborn kidnapped in La Vega; there are two detainees

Police found the minor in a house a few meters from her house.

A baby, only one month old, was rescued tonight, after her mother notified the authorities about her kidnapping. the infant was abducted from her house maternal in the community of Cutupú, in the province of La Vega.

They rescue a newborn kidnapped in La Vega; there are two detainees

According to the National Police, agents of the Criminal Investigations Department (DICRIM) rescued the minor in perfect health in a house a few meters from the house of her mother, Natalia Altagracia Rodríguez, who gave notice of the missing minor within hours of the afternoon of this Wednesday.

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By the fact, there are two people under arrest and others are being investigated for the kidnapping of the newborn, but the detainees have not yet been identified. The whereabouts of the newborn was possible thanks to several security cameras.

“Because the investigation is very early. Anyone can be under investigation, but not as a suspect, ”he said, referring to the girl’s biological father.

At the time of the kidnapping, the mother said she was alone, washing, she also warned that last Sunday she had an altercation with a woman who currently has a romantic relationship with her ex-partner and father of her daughter.

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