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They reject Chilavert’s complaint against Alejandro Domínguez

In a chat with the channel GEN / Nación Media, the magistrate indicated that the request for dismissal was presented by the State Attorney General’s Office and that after an extensive analysis, it allowed it and that it sent this complaint to the file.

“We have understood that the reported facts should be analyzed and we found that there were discrepancies between the complaint and the dismissal of the Prosecutor’s Office, so the case was sent to the Attorney General’s Office, which presented its request for dismissal,” he added.

Last year, the former goalkeeper of the Paraguayan soccer team denounced Domínguez to the Prosecutor’s Office for allegedly having received a payment of USD 1.5 million for a bribe in the FIFA Gate case.

Last May, prosecutors Liliana Alcaraz Recalde and Francisco Cabrera Sanabria asked the court to dismiss the complaint for “the absence of any punishable act.”

The entrance They reject Chilavert’s complaint against Alejandro Domínguez was first published in diary TODAY.

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