They register until Saturday the giant dolls that will burn in New Year

They register until Saturday the giant dolls that will burn in New Year

Photo: Eva Cabrera

The residents of the city of La Plata They will have until December 24 to register the giant dolls who will participate in the emblematic burning of “momos” that traditionally takes place the first minutes of the new year in the Buenos Aires capital, reported this Thursday the municipality of La Plata.

Once the registration stage closes, regular training and inspections will be carried out to ensure safety during burning.

The story goes that the owner of a store on Calles 10 and 40 in La Plata decided to celebrate the end of the year of 1956 by building a giant doll in homage to a soccer player from Club Cambaceres in the city of Ensenada.

So much repercussion and call had that the initiative was replicated in later years in other neighborhoods and today throughout the district the neighbors get together, for months, to make their own doll.

Those who wish to register their doll may do so by completing the registration form at and later going to the Social Watch headquarters located at 20 and 50, in the city of La Plata, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., with a copy of the ID of the person in charge and a sketch with the dimensions of the momo.

Photo Eva Cabrera
Photo: Eva Cabrera


The municipality of La Plata recalled that, according to current regulations, the dolls cannot exceed six meters in height, three meters in width and three meters in length; its location must contemplate a safety radius of three times its height.

They can be installed in the street five days before the date of the burning and those responsible must be over 21 years and have residence within a maximum range of 500 meters in relation to the location requested to install the momo.

To guarantee the safety of those who attend the burning and to avoid discomfort and hearing damage to people and animals, it is not allowed to place fireworks inside the structures.

It is mandatory to accept and comply with the health protocols established by the Municipality; as well as the participation of those responsible for the momos in the CPR and Electricity training that will be given in the Pasaje Dardo Rocha de La Plata.

Photo Eva Cabrera
Photo: Eva Cabrera

Agents of the Municipality will carry out regular controls, in which they will request a copy of the registration application; they will analyze the vehicular traffic and the condition and characteristics of the wiring in the vicinity of the location of each momo.

They will also corroborate that is more than 100 meters from any gas supply mouthrelief valve outlets, oil pipelines, polyducts, gas pipelines and all types of fuel fluid conduction.

They will also verify a minimum distance of 30 meters from home gas cabins and 250 meters from fuel outlets; that the dolls are not located on land with buried pipelines for conducting fuel fluids and that they are at least 300 meters apart.

This is with the exception of the linear park of Circunvalación avenue where they can be 100 meters away, while they must not be mounted under cables or trees; nor less than 200 meters from hospitals or other health centers.

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