Urban cleaning rates of the Mayor's Office of Caroní contradict those announced by Fospuca

Asks users not to pay Fospuca in Bolívar until tariff modification is achieved

Not canceling Fospuca’s garbage collection service would prevent commercial users from declaring their taxes and, therefore, would lead to fines whose amounts are also high

Text: Laura Clisánchez / Caroní Mail

The Caroní Citizen Assembly for the Management of Urban Cleaning, technical table incorporated on December 20 and made up of unions, specialists and other members of civil society, called on citizens not to cancel the urban cleaning service provided by the private company Fospuca until the mayor’s office adjusts the rates and addresses the concerns presented by users and councilors of the Municipal Council of Caroní.

This was reported by Simón Yegres, engineer, former councilor of Caroní, member of the NGO Gente para Servir Caroní, and spokesperson for the assembly in an interview with Caroní Mail.

Lawyers, accountants, economists and businessmen from Caroní they say they are looking for alternatives to protect users without this translating into a setback in the sanitation of the city.

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Not canceling the garbage collection service would prevent commercial users from filing their taxes and, therefore, would lead to fines that are also high. The latter is one of the biggest concerns of the business sector, since not declaring taxes or paying fines leads to the closure of the premises.

“We also call on you to join this assembly to put legal measures into action, which we are already preparing to exert the necessary pressure and stop the process of excessive charging of these fees,” he declared.

The assembly intends to take actions to stop the process of excessive charging of rates based on three premises:

  1. The contracting, municipal actions and collection procedures are, in his opinion, illegal
  1. Fee amounts are, as qualified, inconsistent and disproportionate
  1. They point out that the City Hall fails to comply with the local solid waste collection and management plan

As specified by Yegres.

The engineer also reported that they collected signatures with which they will request the Mayor’s Office access to a copy of the reform of the municipal ordinance on solid waste management, the tariff decree and the concession contract with the service provider company: Fospuca Caroni.

The service fees

Currently the urban cleaning service rates They range between 1.13 and 1,500 dollars for the commerce, industry and services sector, depending on the number of square meters of the premises, and the economic activity carried out by the user. 40% of users pay from 50 dollars.

In the residential sector there are four standard rates: 0.25, 2, 6.5 and 8 dollars. They represent 3%, 24%, 81% and 97.5% respectively of the national minimum wage, which currently does not exceed $8.25, and which is devalued daily.

The fees for the sanitary landfill are 60% of the amount that commercial and residential users must pay for the garbage collection service, and it is collected through the Corpoelec electricity service receipt.

On December 20, the Commission for the Environment, Ecology and Agrarian Development requested a hearing to present to the Mayor’s Office actions to be taken to clean up the city and reach an agreement with the users for the rates of the urban cleaning service.

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