They recommend the application of the third dose because it maintains 90% of anticovid protection

They recommend the application of the third dose because it maintains 90% of anticovid protection

Many wonder why now is necessary a Given this, the epidemiologist of the Iren Centro, Luis Tello Dávila, replied that a third dose maintains above 90% the protection that the vaccine gives each person.

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“With the third dose, the protection of the vaccine remains above 90%, so after 5 months of receiving the second dose, we need a third that reinforces the immune capacity that begins to decline, even more so now that they are new variants of the virus appearing, the latest ones are Delta and Ómicron ”, explained the specialist.

In addition to the elderly, health personnel and people with comorbidity who are treated these days, will also correspond to those over 18 years of age, he said.

They come for booster doses

Gregorio Oré Poma (57) said that at his home and all his relatives have been vaccinated and the elderly like him, it is time for the reinforcement, that is why this week he went to the Yanama CIN, for the third puncture. The first vaccine he received was June 15, the second vaccine on July 6, and the third dose in December.

Until yesterday there was a report of 71,936 people, who have already received the third dose of the vaccine.

Yesterday on the outskirts of the Banco de la Nación, where the grandparents went to collect their Pension 65, the health personnel went to the place and took the opportunity to apply the third booster dose to those who still lacked.

The nurses indicated that they took advantage of this strategy, to avoid that they have to go to the care facilities, where more young people now go to complete the second vaccination.

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Diresa Junín, reported that to date, 72.53% of people over 12 years old, who are already vaccinated with the two doses, with a total of 808,440 people. Some 938 thousand 697 people already have the first dose of the vaccine.

Currently, there is a stock of 688,975 vaccines, available in the various care centers throughout the region.

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