They recognize the work of the health team that participated in the Third Regional Simulation of Disaster Response and Humanitarian Assistance

Angel Valdes | June 30, 2023

Nearly 150 officials from the Ministry of Health received recognition for the work carried out satisfactorily during the Third Regional Simulation of Disaster Response and Humanitarian Assistance.

During an act that highlighted the work carried out by the entire team of the Ministry of Health that participated in this activity, the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, who was in the company of the vice minister of the branch Ivette Berrío and other authorities of the institution indicated that This type of activity brings maturity and action in a disaster situation, hence the importance of recognizing the entire team that spent several months in preparation.

At the same time, Sucre highlighted the importance of coordination and support from international organizations such as the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Coordination Center for the Prevention of Disasters in Central America and the Dominican Republic (Cepredenac) and the Council of Ministers of Health of Central America Se-Comisca.

He mentioned that observers from other regions such as Canada, the United States and countries of the South also attended this drill.
“This event highlights Panama as a country and leaves great learning for all the teams and the plans to improve and readjust according to the lessons and new experiences,” he added.

At the same time, he explained that the work was carried out in 2 teams, the first in charge of organizing and planning and the second in the operational part, which have been well qualified, adding that the country also won.
Finally, he highlighted the work led by the Ministry of Government, Sinaproc, Sume 11, the FTC and multiple institutions.

During the field exercise, it was possible to validate the structure and organization of the Health Operations Center (CODES), the efficiency of the Medical Information and Communication Cell (CICON) for communication between health personnel and the plans in the Prenatal System. -Panama hospital for multiple victims.

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