They caught four ammunition sellers

Captured for murdering a drinking partner

Agents attached to the Cicpc-Mariara (Carabobo), arrested a man accused of killing his drinking partner Wilfredo de Jesús Idrobo Marín (53), a homicide that occurred on June 19 in Yagua.

The report of this fact is published on the Instagram account of the cicpc where they state that the alleged murderer is Yhonibal Jesús Yajure Gutiérrez (30). The investigation determined that Wilfredo and Yhonibal spent their time drinking alcoholic beverages, which caused frequent arguments between them.

On one of those evenings, Yhonibal attacked his drinking partner “with blunt objects and sharp needles, causing him various injuries in the cephalic region, causing his immediate death,” says the report of the cicpc.

This event was recorded by cameras placed in one of the establishments where the two men drank liquor.

In another procedure, the Cicpc captured a subject accused of murdering Elioverth Jesús Arrieta Rodríguez (25).

The detainee was registered as Juan Diego YoriIsea (21), who was captured on 90th street, Santa Bárbara II sector, Maracaibo municipality in Zulia state.

The two men argued, which prompted Juan to search his house for a knife and return to the scene to plunge it into Elioverth’s abdominal area, killing him instantly.

Once the murder was committed, Juan handed over the knife to a subject nicknamed Pan Viejo, who is on the run.

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