They ratify prison for the confessed murderer of Jorge Mera

Judge Yanibet Rivas ratified this Thursday the preventive detention that the confessed murderer of Minister Orlando is serving Jorge Mera.

Fausto Miguel Cruz, accused of murder and illegal use of a firearm, has been incarcerated for just over three months at the Najayo-Men Correction and Rehabilitation Center.

The magistrate of the Sixth Investigating Court of the National District made the decision considering that there are no elements to vary the coercive measure by imputed. The hearing lasted about an hour.

In addition, the judge granted the Public ministry a two-month extension to present formal charges against Cruz.

Jorge Mera’s relatives attended the coercive measure review hearing, including his sister, Deputy Minister Dilia Leticia Jorge Mera.

According to the investigations, Fausto Miguel Cruz decided to take the life of the Minister of the Environment, Orlando Jorge Mera, who was his childhood friend, for not granting him some permits that he was managing to export five thousand tons of used batteries.

The Public Ministry has said that Cruz planned the action so well that he dressed in a jacket to hide the firearm, despite the fact that he always used to go to the Ministry of the Environment only with a shirt.

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