They question an increase of almost Bs 150 million in the finance budget

The Municipal Council began to debate the reformulation of the Annual Operating Budget (POA) 2022, which was proposed by the Executive. After reading the recommendations for approval, lOpposition councilors asked for explanations about why it is intended to increase almost 150 million Bolivians to the Municipal Secretariat of Administration and Finance, but they did not find answers, because the secretaries did not attend and the technicians did not know how to argue.

Given this situation, the session entered a quarter until today at 11:00.

The POA budget ceiling remains at Bs 3,407,406,667, but the mayors maintained that “internal movements” were made so that the economic resources change items and is intended for another purpose, activity or work.

Manuel Saavedra, councilman for Democrats, questioned the increase in the budget for the Secretary of Administration and Finance in two items and the reduction of resources in the Secretary of Health. “I want you to explain to us why they have increased the budget in these two items and also where those resources have come from because we are talking about almost Bs 150 million and the budget ceiling has not been modified”, he added.

Saavedra also said that he was struck by the reduction in the amounts for spare parts in the health sector, where there is an approved POA for Bs 34 million and in the reformulated it has been lowered to Bs 19 million. “Wouldn’t they have taken away health or education to give them to administration and finance?” asked the councilman.

Lastly, he referred to the budget for education, indicating that last year it was approved with Bs 103 million, but for the reformulated there is one million less.

This medium tried to communicate with Mario Centellas, Secretary of Administration and Finance, to know his answer, but his cell phone was out of service.

The Ministry of Economy and Public Finance set a maximum deadline until today for the municipalities and governorates to deliver the reformulation of the POA of this management.

millionaire advertising

The reformulation of POA 2022, proposed by the Santa Cruz mayor’s office, also grants Bs 12,288,296 for the preparation and dissemination of advertising spots, in addition to radio spots. This was another of the observations made by the opposition councillors.

Lola Terrazas, councilor for the Autonomous Community (CA) and vice president of the legislature, recalled that one of the agreements that was made in the previous approval of the POA was that the budget items be modified and that greater economic resources be allocated to the Secretary of Human Development , for instance.

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